David Walker’s Appeal

In 1829 David Walker, a free black born in Wilmington, North Carolina, wrote one of America’s most provocative political documents of the nineteenth century, Walker’s Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World. Decrying the savage and unchristian treatment blacks suffered in the United States, Walker challenged his “afflicted and slumbering brethren” to rise up and cast off their chains. Walker worked tirelessly to circulate his book via underground networks in the South, and he was so successful that Southern lawmakers responded with new laws cracking down on “incendiary” antislavery material.

Walker’s Appeal represents one of the earliest African-centered discourses on an oppressed people’s right to freedom. African American political philosophy has evolved from many of the themes that it articulates.  We should explore the relevance of the Appeal in the 21st Century.


4 Responses to “David Walker’s Appeal”

  1. Karen Samara Says:

    I went on the trip to Richmond, VA on 8/22/2009 for the Gabriel Prosser guided experience. It was wonderful! The young brothers who were in charge had the energy, experitse and great planning skills. No matter what happend, they handled it!
    The van ride, snacks, stop @ the Elegba scoiety, the walk, information and dinner at the Black owned restaurant was great. Freedom and Najee (hopefully I spelled his name correctly) took care of business. Manifest knew our history. All this for $20 + dinner.
    I am looking forward to going next year, hopefully on the same Saturday as Happily Natural.

    • Freedom Koofshaw Says:

      It was your spirit and support that made that trip special. I hold each experience dear. All the best to you. Hope we can experience more in the future.

      Freedom Koofshaw

  2. abduljabbar caliph Says:

    The legacy of this event has grown! Every community of African people should support it and event develope it futher! In reality everyday is a Black August Event if your an African.

    • Freedom Koofshaw Says:

      Thank you. This years trip was canceled but as you said, we should develope it further next year. I’m greatfull for bruthas like yourself that catch the spirit of Black August and hold it daily. All power.

      Freedom Koofshaw

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