What is the Legacy Book Club?

The idea for the Legacy Book Club (LBC) came out of our Black August commemorative events in Washington, DC (2007) that were sponsored by the Black August Planning Organization (BAPO). We realized that the more we learned the more we had to learn, so we thought that a book club would be an excellent, elementary, and sustainable way to go about it. Then we thought by putting it online the book club could operate without boundaries. And finally, we thought that by including Political Prisoners/POWs (PP/POWs) we could, not only benefit from their wisdom and experience, but create a space to amplify their voices and propagate their plights.

This blog is designed to be a meeting place between PP/POWs and their idealogical heirs, as well as curious passersby. The objective of the LBC is to foster conversation between the aforementioned participants, primarily around book readings, but inevitably around various political/social/psychological/philosophical/etc. topics and current events. Periodically we will assign book readings and as we/you go through the books, we/you will leave remarks as comments on this blog. The books will also be sent to the PP/POWs and as they respond, their responses will be transcribed (or PDFed) onto the blog. We will also print the blog out and mail it back so that they can be totally engaged in the conversation.

On this blog you will also find information on various PP/POWs and we hope that you will spread that information and participate in any campaigns or initiatives that are intended to help them.

Peace…..After Freedom!


2 Responses to “What is the Legacy Book Club?”

  1. Sarah K Harper Says:

    I would like to join the Legacy Book Club.

    Sarah Harper

  2. Jurden Alexander Says:

    how much access, really, will prisoners have to the blog, or just simply, the internet “medium”?

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